durable, lasting, well-made, made/built to last, strong, tough, sturdy, stout, rugged, resilient

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adjective DURABLE, strong, tough, resilient, lasting, long-lasting, made to last, stout, well made, rugged, heavy-duty.

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hard-wearˈing adjective
Lasting well in use, durable
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hard-wearing UK US adjective british
hard-wearing clothing is strong and lasts a long time
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adj [more \hard-wearing; most \hard-wearing]
Brit : lasting for a long time :durable

hard-wearing boots

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ˌhard-ˈwearing [hard-wearing] adjective (BrE)
that lasts a long time and remains in good condition

a hard-wearing carpet

I want shoes that are practical and hard-wearing.

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